What is the cost of a background investigation?

That depends on how in depth of a background you need.  The fee is based on an hourly charge plus additional costs such as specialized databases, freedom of information costs etc.  You as the client would discuss what you are trying to accomplish with us and we would give you and idea of how much you may be looking at.  Generally then the client agrees to a set fee and our work stops once we have reached that amount.  The client can decide then if they would further research conducted.

Can you hack into someone's email?

No that is illegal.

Do you conduct due diligence investigations on businesses?

Yes and we do this quite frequently.

Can't I do my own background investigation online?

Yes you can.  There are some pay database websites that will provide you with basic information on your subject.  If that is all you need the you would be all set.  However no one website and no pay database provides a nationwide criminal history check no matter what they may say.  Doing an in depth criminal history search for a subject often involves contacting the law enforcement and courts in all areas the person has resided or been known to frequent.